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Mock Driving Tests

Do you think you are ready for the practical driving test, but don't know what to expect?

Who needs a Mock Driving Test?

We are often approached by people who might not want driving lessons, but they do want to know if they are ready for the driving test.

It might be that you went for your restricted licence test over 5 years ago, or have had your learners for 10 years and now you are ready to proceed to the next stage of your licence.

Maybe you are needing a P or I endorsement and have not done a test in over 20 years?

In these instances we offer Mock Driving Tests (simulation tests) that mimic the official NZTA tests.

What to expect

Our driving instructor will meet you at one of the official NZTA practical driving test centres.

The driving instructor will then do all the pre-test requirements such as checking the car's WOF, lights etc.

Once that has been completed, the mock driving test will start.
Our driving instructor will take you through one of the pre-mapped test routes. The test will end back at the NZTA practical driving test centre.

At the end of your Mock Driving Test we will provide you with a full report of what you may need to work on to pass the test.
Our experienced driving instructor will also advise you of your test readiness, in other words when we think you will be ready to pass an official test.

Unless otherwise requested, the Mock Test will be done in the same vehicle that you will be doing your official test in.
Please ensure that your car is road legal and that you have L plates if you are on your learner licence.

If you have already booked your official driving test, we will attempt to book your Mock Test at a similar time and weekday as your official test.
Not all testing centres operate on weekends, so it is to your benefit to have the mock test on the same weekday, but a week or two before your official test.  All our usual T&C's apply.

If you have had driving lessons with us, talk to your instructor about Mock Test rates for current students.

Prices can also be found on our pricing page.

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