Road Code Driving School

Road Code Driving School

Who will you trust with your driving lessons?

No matter whether you've had your learners licence for just a day or your restricted for 10 years, we offer targeted, personalised driving lessons and supportive assistance to help you get to the next level.

Over and above offering stress free driving lessons in Auckland, we also offer mock driving tests – these tests simulate the actual test at a fraction of the cost.

We also offer Defensive Driving Courses for those who want to be safer drivers or reduce their wait time on their restricted licence. You can book these directly by clicking this link today.

We know this can process can be costly, so we offer discounts to help ease the costs. Along with being a very affordable Auckland driving school, we are also a WINZ accredited supplier, so you can use a WINZ payment card for lessons.

Our trained and legally certified driving instructors know exactly what is required by NZTA to help make you a safe and competent driver

We have a very high first time pass rate for students who have done 3 or more lessons with us.

Pass Pass Pass Contact us today and let's draw up a personalised driving lesson plan to help you get to your next stage licence.