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Vanessa from Auckland North Shore has had her learners licence for 6 years and has gone for her restricted licence test on her own 4 times. Everytime she has failed for a different reason.
John from Hibiscus Coast, Auckland has been driving for 15 years and believes he is a good driver. He has gone for the full licence on his own at least twice and failed everytime.

Do these stories sound familiar? Is this something that has happened to you/your teen/ a friend? You thought you were 100% ready for the drivers licence test but then the result was a fail?

These are examples of stories we hear all too often. And unfortunately every time you resit and fail the test, there are many consequences.

Your confidence is affected, you start doubting your driving ability, you even start doubting if you will ever pass the test. Some people even "give up" on trying again.

You get angry at the testing officers for failing you on "something silly", other road users that affected your driving on test day, the cost of the tests start adding up to hundreds of dollars.

By receiving driving lessons from a qualified Driving Instructor, you greatly increase your chance of passing your driving test the first time.

Something to keep in mind is that not all Driving Lessons are equal and will differ greatly in the way they are delivered and the amount of benefit you will gain from them.

Here at Road Code Driving School, we receive several calls a week from people who wrongly assumed that all Driving Lessons are the same and have chosen their driving lessons based solely on price or “free lessons”.

This can be a huge mistake and all too often the “hidden cost” becomes obvious when a lack of progress is experienced or students feel they are being pressured into buying more lessons.

People also wrongly assume that driving instructors who solely deliver their driving lessons in the Test Area will give them a better chance of passing.
Whilst it is a good idea to be familiar with the area that you will be having your test in, a good driving instructor should structure personalised driving lessons to enable you to confidently drive in any area under any cirumstance.

If you have any questions about our driving lessons, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Road Code Driving School offers Driving Lessons in the following areas: North Shore: Albany, Bayswater, Bayview, Beach Haven, Belmont, Birkdale, Birkenhead, Browns Bay, Campbells Bay, Castor Bay, Chatswood, Cheltenham, Coatesville, Crown Hill, Cuthill, Devonport, Fairview, Forrest Hill, Glenfield, Glenvar, Greenhithe, Highbury, Hillcrest, Long Bay, Mairangi Bay, Marlborough, Meadowood, Milford, Murrays Bay, Northcote, Northcote Central, Northcote Point, North Harbour, Northcross, Rosedale, Rothesay Bay, Oteha, Pinehill, Stanley Bay, Stanley Point, Sunnynook, Takapuna, Torbay, Totara Vale, Waiake, Wairau Valley, Westlake, Windsor Park, Unsworth Heights Hibiscus Coast: Arkles Bay, Army Bay, Gulf Harbour, Manly, Millwater, Orewa, Red Beach, Sandspit, Silverdale, Stanmore Bay, Stillwater, Waimauku, Waiwera, Whangaparaoa West Auckland: Massey at the Westgate Shopping Centre

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